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Social Media Content Creation

Multi-Channel Growth Strategy

I have developed my own unique approach to social media marketing that uses multiple channels to maximize growth. I know that each channel is different, and requires a unique approach to effectively communicate with my audience. That's why I've invested years in creating and adapting different types of content that resonate with my followers, which has helped me to grow my social media presence exponentially.



I decided to explore dynamic short-form videos for Instagram, featuring trendy music and quick, engaging content.

Tik tok


I decided to create reviews and captivating storytelling for TikTok, where each video holds an engaging narrative.

Listen to my Podcast

Welcome to Milagros! Here, I talk about my faith, personal growth, and the lessons I've learned from my own experiences. Discover how I've shared these insights with over 5,000 listeners, helping them grow too. Join me for some inspiration and self-development!


Video Production

Storytelling & Copywriting

This collection of texts includes a short story, chronicle, essay, and social media captions that explore various themes such as love, loss, hope, and social justice. Each piece offers a unique perspective and style, allowing you experience different forms of writing and storytelling.

Essay - Critique 

The essay discusses how the movie "Parasite" reflects social differences and class division in South Korea. I decided to highlight the existing power relationships and the role of politics in maintaining them. I used metaphors and symbolism in the film to depict the mobility between classes and the struggle for power.


This is a poignant tale of Carlos, an 11-year-old living with HIV in El Arca, a foundation for children with HIV in Colombia. Despite his restlessness and difficult behavior, Carlos is aware of his condition and the injustices he faces. His foundation struggles to receive financial support and maintain a low profile in the community due to the stigma surrounding HIV. As Carlos prepares to learn the truth about his HIV status and cope with his life's challenges, his story reveals the harsh realities of living with the disease.

Short story

This is a short fun story about an eleven-year-old boy named José who becomes obsessed with improving his kissing skills after his first kiss with his girlfriend Natalia. He learns that being a good kisser is not about following rules but being comfortable and genuine with the person you're kissing.

Long Captions for social media

A reflective journey as I share my personal musings through long-form captions originally created for social media.

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